For a moment I was worried that the UK would leave the EU.  But I don’t think that will happen any more.

If the UK leaves the EU, I think thousands of EU workers in the UK would consider moving. We were having a quick headcount in my office and roughly 70% are EU citizens.  This is probably similar to many other London companies (not sure about the rest of the UK).  What if suddenly the rights of all these people change?  Will they remain in the UK or move to elsewhere in the EU?

But I found out that the British citizens living abroad are allowed to vote, and that will surely keep the UK in the EU.  Because while most EU citizens living in the UK (and not allowed to vote on the referendum) are part of the workforce that keeps the country moving, I think (but may be wrong) that most of the British citizens living abroad, in particular in the EU, are retired or self employed.  And with the UK leaving the EU they would probably need a visa to remain in the sunny south.

In the meanwhile, I’m looking forward to cast my vote, as I am a British citizen since 2013.


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