A-Z of UK

Following an idea seen in a curiously named blog (which I found by following a link from a link from a link from a link…), I decided to create my own A to Z of the UK.

The first post will follow shortly and, hopefully, I will not get stuck in some of the letters. Some posts will be funny, some other not so much, but they will somehow summarize my past years in the UK (and how pre-conceptions may be so far away from reality).

For a change, these  particular posts will only be in English.


6 thoughts on “A-Z of UK

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  2. ‘My personal A~Z of…’

    As one of the “three musketeers” helping to set up this project, I thought it might be useful to set up a ‘hub page’ about ‘My Personal A ~ Z of…’ where we can all upload our country and blog details – and then add our A ~ Z posts. You can find this ‘hub page’ at http://algarveblog.net/my-personal-a-z/ and you can find the links to the ‘List of Countries’ page http://algarveblog.net/my-personal-a-z/a-z-list-of-countries/ and the ‘List of Blog Posts’ page http://algarveblog.net/my-personal-a-z/a-z-list-of-blog-posts-letters-af/ via these links. Or just click on my name above and it will take you to the web-site – you will see the tab on the top for ‘My Personal A ~ Z’

    I have added you to the list – please let me know if any details are incorrect … and feel free to add the links to these pages to your blog and let everyone know – the more the merrier!

    Please add a comment to any of the pages to have your details added or changed – and then please add your Blog Posts as you write them – you will also find this a useful place to find other Blog Posts for you to link to and enjoy reading. I’m happy to create a free jpeg logo for anyone that wants one for their country’s flag – or just make up your own!

    This is a fab idea – thanks to Julie Dawn Fox for starting it all – let’s all link up and share each other’s blogs – and hope you all enjoy the ride!

    Love Alyson

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