Weekly Photo Challenge: Early Bird

IMG_20150418_073349Today’s Early Birds at Kings Cross station


Ontem e hoje acordei com a mesma musica na cabeca.  Deve ter alguma coisa a ver com o livro que ando a ler



No need for coins

Just played a game of Pac Man in the City of London.  The unusual bit?  It was literally on the streets of the city!  Just go to Google Maps and enjoy.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Wall

While I decide what to do with the blank walls in my house, some inspiration is needed.


Será que quem governa Portugal acha mesmo que os que sairam do país e experimentaram condicoes laborais diferentes querem voltar, quando a lei do tacho laboral nao mudou?

Weekly Photo Challenge: Orange

A few photos of my recent trip to India fit well in the “Orange you glad it’s photo challenge time?.”  I will soon post all the photos in a separate travel album.


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