Weekly Photo Challenge: Wall

While I decide what to do with the blank walls in my house, some inspiration is needed.


Será que quem governa Portugal acha mesmo que os que sairam do país e experimentaram condicoes laborais diferentes querem voltar, quando a lei do tacho laboral nao mudou?

Weekly Photo Challenge: Orange

A few photos of my recent trip to India fit well in the “Orange you glad it’s photo challenge time?.”  I will soon post all the photos in a separate travel album.

India’s Daughter

It was supposed to come out on 8 March – International Women’s Day – but because the Indian government was trying to block it internationally (they have banned it in India already), the BBC went ahead and broadcast it last night.

The documentary about the girl raped and killed by 6 men when returning home from the cinema is extremely violent without showing any images of violence. But it must be seen and shown around the world.

Assim sao os Portugueses | These are the Portuguese

Este fim de semana houve uma manifestacao frente ao Consulado de Portugal em Londres contra o mau funcionamento dos servicos.  Para terem uma ideia, o tempo de espera para fazer um documento  de indentificacao sao 3 meses; para registar um filho o tempo de espera é indentico, com a agravante que depois do registo é necessário fazer outra marcacao (mais 3 meses) para o Cartao de Cidadao e outra marcacao para o Passaporte.

Como é possível que dos 100.000 Portugueses que vivem no Reino Unido apenas 30 pessoas achem que os servicos sao maus, quando por essa internet fora há entradas em blogues e páginas de Facebook dedicadas ao péssimo servico do Consulado?  Como é possível que apesar do terrível servico as pessoas tenham ficado em casa em vez de vir por uma hora mostrar o seu descontentamento?  Assim nao chegamos a lado nenhum…

– – – – – – – – –

This weekend there was a demonstration at the Portuguese Consulate in London against the terrible service provided.  At the moment, you need to wait approximately 3 months to renew your ID card or passport or even to register a new born child.  This means (in particular with the child) you are not allowed to leave the country for maybe 6 to 9 months, as after the register you must make an appointment for the ID card and then another one for the passport.  So with this in mind you would expect a good amount of people to attend.  After all, there are more than 100,000 Portuguese in the UK.

Then, how is it possible that only 30 people attended? How can this be, if there are blog posts and facebook pages dedicated to the bad service at the Consulate?  How is it that people couldn’t spare one hour of their time to show their dissatisfaction?

Where did all that mud come from?

When I joined scouts here in the UK I found it quite funny that the parent’s guide had such a title.  I never came home that muddy from camp! Dirty? Yes Smelly? Definitely. With the odd bug in my bag? Sometimes. But never muddy.  That is, until last Sunday… mud all over, including my underwear.

IMG_20150222_150713 IMG_20150222_150620

On death | da morte

In old novels, it was common to find people dying of hearbreak.  I always took it as a literary figure, until I got to know a real case.

Já tinha lido em romances personagens que morrem de desgosto.  Sempre achei que fossem liberdades literárias até conhecer um caso real.


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