Weekly Photo Challenge: Nighttime

Weekly Photo Challenge: Endurance

Endurance always reminds me of my high school PE teacher talking about running.  However, I believe it means much more than a race.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Humanity


Weekly Photo Challenge: Adventure!

Adventure can meat a lot of things (including crossing the road if you are a tortoise)

Picking your brains on childhood games

As you probably know I am a scout leader and am trying to find traditional games from all over the world to use with the kids I work with.  This will be part of international awareness, which will run to October when the scouts will have a chance to communicating with other scouts from all over the world.  I would like to pick your brains, in particular if as a kid you lived in a place other than Portugal, so I suspect you may have played different games from the ones I did.

So if you have some minutes to spare,  can you please pick one or two and explain them to me?  It would be great if you could tell me:

- The name of the game (in the original language and a rough English translation),

- The country it originates from

- A brief explanation of the game and any kit required

- Any potential web link for further details / videos / tutorials.

Note the games don’t have to be over complicated or require a lot of stuff.

Thank you!

Thrifty | Poupar

A few years ago I mentioned freecycle here. It was an amazing discovery and ever since I had been freecycling stuff. I now found “swishing” and yesterday I went to Mrs Bear Swapshop, where I got a new dress and sweater in exchange for a top and a bag.  Loved it and I’m looking forward for the next one!

And so you don’t say it only happens in London, here’s a link to the one in my city in Portugal.  the principle is exactly the same but they seem to be open everyday.

- – – – – -

Há uns anos falei aqui no freecycle, um grupo online de oferta de bens.  Desde entao tenho dado e recebido várias coisas e na altura até me registei no grupo de Coimbra que infelizmente nao parecia funcionar.  Entretanto descobri um evento de trocas, onde troquei um top e uma carteira que nao usava por um vestido e uma camisola.  Foi uma descoberta fantástica especialmente porque há mais de um ano tinha lido sobre a existencia de uma loja destas em Coimbra e apesar de ter procurado nao encontrei nenhuma em Londres.  Pois aqui nao é uma loja mas sim um evento mensal, apesar da indeia ser a mesma.  Fiquei fa!

Le tour à Londres


so fast the camera can't focus


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