Le tour à Londres


so fast the camera can't focus


Passing by a jewellery shop and noticing a woman standing in front of the window looking at the engagement rings on display and comparing them to the one she was wearing (probably recently).


Passar por uma joalharia e reparar que uma mulher esta’ a olhar alternadamente para a montra dos aneis de noivado e para o anel que ela tem no dedo (provavelmente recebido na noite anterior).

Weekly Photo Challenge: Contrasts


G is for Gardens and Parks

jogging in the park

jogging in the park

Given the not-so-pleasant climate of the UK (in comparison to Portugal), it is amazing how much people you find year round in parks and gardens across the country. I believe that this relates greatly to the garden design and the weather itself.


While in Portugal you have what is called a “French garden”, with its organised planters and fountains which are designed to be looked at, here you have the “English garden”.

This is a more natural space, with open green areas designed for children to run, for people to play games or for a picnic. And of course, there are none of those “do not step on the grass” signs so familiar to my childhood.




Here, people got used to enjoy their green spaces.

When living in a large city like London these become quick escapes from the urban environment and you suddenly feel away from everything. Winter or summer, you find people using their local park until sunset (when they close, according to the sign at the entrance).

In the winter, you find footballers, joggers and dog walkers. If it is one of those very cold sunny days you may even find people just enjoying the fresh air and stocking up on vitamin D.

But come a sunny day with temperatures above 18 degrees and a small green patch for your picnic becomes prime real estate and you find yourself meeting your friends before noon on a weekend morning just to get a good spot in the park.



As a good Londoner, I also head to the park with my picnic blanket, bottle of Pimms and all the paraphernalia to prepare the cocktail, entertainment in the form of frisbee, cricket bat or football and an array of picnic suitable food (so much in fact that some friends once had to take a cab to bring everything they have prepared).

I also use the park for jogging, and having recently joined my local parkrun I hope I’ll be heading down regularly to my local (park, not pub) year round.

Royal Ascot

Hoje termina Royal Ascot, uma corrida de cavalos famosa por ser um grande evento social e pelos chapéus que muitas senhoras usam. 

Este ano consegui ir e ainda fiz algum dinheiro, nada que se compare ao maco de notas que vi na mao de um tipo ao final do dia mas o suficiente para a próxima noite com as amigas com quem fui.


Foi divertidíssimo. Escolher a roupa, fazer apostas (ajuda ter alguém ao lado que percebe da coisa), a tarde de sol a beber champanhe em boa companhia e arranjar lugar sentada no comboio ao fim do dia no regresso a casa.


Para o ano ha mais, mas entrenato as fotos podem ser vistas aqui.

Today is the last day of Royal Ascot, a race horse famous for the hats many women wear. 

This year I got to go and I even made some money. Nothing compared to the pile of cash I saw in a guy’s hand at the end of the day but enough for the next night out with the girls.


It was great fun. Choosing the outfit, placing the bets (helps having someone with knowledge by our side), spending a sunny afternoon drinking champagne with friends and, at the end of the day, getting a seat in the train home.


Some more next year? Maybe, but in the meanwhile I posted some photos here.

Sunday afternoon


DB9 | TJ9

Estamos de volta a Londres e o céu esta cinzento e chuvoso. As minhas plantas não gostaram da varanda e estão quase todas torcidas e sem folhas.

Ontem de manhã, que já parece ter sido há muito tempo, voltámos à praia para as 2 horas de prática que nos faltavam. Conseguimos praticamente sempre surfar, o que foi óptimo.

Seguimos para um passeio ao longo da costa e acabamos por subir a montanha por uma estrada assustadoramente íngreme. A vista era soberba e na rádio passou um fado. Sim, numa rádio turca tocaram um fado de Lisboa.

Nas aldeias por onde passámos os homens jogavam gamão, que parece ser o passa tempo local pois todos os cafés tem uma mesa com um tabuleiro, e até no primeiro dia em que fomos de barco à praia o capitão passou a tarde a jogar com outros marinheiros.

Ao fim do dia voltamos para o aeroporto, onde passamos mais tempo que o esperado pois o voo atrasou.


Back to London and the weather is grey and rainy. My plants didn’t enjoy the week in the balcony and all their leaves have fallen.

Yesterday morning, which seems like ages ago, we went back to kitesurf and did quite well for the 2 hours we had left.

After lunch we took a ride along the coast and ended up car climbing the mountain while the Turkish radio played Portuguese fado. The view was amazing.

In the villages the men played backgammon, which seems to be the national pastime, as in the first day the skipper from our boat spent the afternoon playing it with other boat men and every shop has one tucked away in a corner table.

At the end of the day we returned to the airport to find the flight was delayed, as is usual in our trips.


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